Makie: How to hide axes while plotting text

As I was starting to lose hope in the future of Julia in terms of applicability, I happened to discover Makie.jl and I am loving it so far.

A small question I’d like to ask is how one might hide axes, if only plotting text:

Makie is becoming integrated with MakieLayout - for now check out that package, which should have what you need.

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which should have what you need.

Could you be a bit more specific? There don’t seem to be a whole lot of examples and the docs on MakieLayout appear a bit WIP :roll_eyes: It seems a bit too overkill to switch to MakieLayout for this one simple thing.

Can’t test it now (from phone), but does the show_axis=false keyword argument solve it?

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If you think something is missing from or unclear in MakieLayout’s docs you could open an issue. What do you need examples of that aren’t there?

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Just what I was looking for!

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I’ll also be sure to keep MakieLayout in mind, but will be sticking to Makie (Vanilla) for my current project. And since Makie already has a solution for this I don’t think I need to open any doc issues.

Sure thing, MakieLayout’s name suggests it’s only for layouting, but it evolved into doing more than that. For simple things you might get by just fine with the standard tools