[Makie] meshscatter with different axis scales

I am using meshscatter for data that has a very different scale in the z axis. How would I go about it?

My particular use-case is that I have points on an image 512×512 and the points of the third axis are somewhere in the range (0,0.20). When I use the default attributes, I get this:

x = rand(100)*512
y = rand(100)*512
z = rand(100)/5


The third axis is not visible at all. So I tried to make the aspect of the axis to be (1,1,1):

fig = Figure()
ax = Axis3(fig[1,1], aspect = (1,1,1))

But this makes the markers wierd. So I tried to adjust markerspace:

meshscatter!(ax,x,y,z; markerspace = Pixel)

But this does not change the output. What is the correct solution for this?