3D scatter with AlgebraOfGraphics.jl

Is it possible to get a 3D scatter plot with AlgebraOfGraphics.jl? I tried it with

data(df) * mapping(:X, :Y, :Z) |> draw

but it only shows a 2D scatter as if the3rd argument :Z was ignored.

did you pass your axis as

axis = (type = Axis3,), ?

with that, it should work, i.e.,

draw(plt3d; axis = (type = Axis3,))

Remember trying it as well but the scatter dots didn’t show up. Will try again with larger marker size.

GLMakie has a 3d scatter bug in Axis3, which gives tiny markers that are basically invisible. CairoMakie will work.

This bug also affects WGLMakie?

Probably, as its implementation is derived from GLMakie.

In the near future, we want to make a markersize bug fixing session, which will involve writing rigorous tests for markersizes/line sizes across backends + plotting types, and fix all bugs we find along the way :wink:


Also, it would be nice if AOG.jl could figure out the Axis type directly from the number of arguments in mapping(:X, :Y, :Z).