Makie boxplot: stroke lines for boxes?


I would like to draw a boxplot with no fill color and just lines to define the box contour.

I am trying:

using GLMakie

xs = rand(1:3, 99)
ys = randn(99)

boxplot(xs, ys, color = :transparent, strokewidth = 1)

This produces almost complete boxes: they are open on the left side.

Is it a bug or should I use something different?

That’s actually a bug. I made a PR to fix it: fix multi poly with rects by SimonDanisch · Pull Request #1999 · JuliaPlots/Makie.jl · GitHub

Thanks @sdanisch, waiting for a new Makie release, I applied in my local poly.jl file (in Makie src/basic_recipes) the change in your commit (LineSegments instead of PointBased() in the line to_line_segments(polygon) = convert_arguments(PointBased(), polygon)[1]) and it works great.