Makie - Uneven dash distribution


I was experimenting with different linewidths for my paper and this happened when the :dash or the :dot linestyles were selected with a high linewidth:

Is it a bug? Can it be fixed?



It would be worth opening an issue for this. I think I get the same sort of thing with

xs = range(-pi, pi, length=1000)
lines(xs, sin.(xs), linestyle=:dot, linewidth=10)

in GLMakie. CairoMakie looks fine though so I’d suggest using that for the final plot.

Which backend is this?

I can assure it happens 100% in GLMakie, but I think it also happened with Cairo.

However, I am away from my PC now, I am speaking from memory

I think I noticed some regression with CairoMakie as well, but it was only in passing and I didn’t follow up.

I’m still seeing this issue with GLMakie but not CairoMakie.
I opened an issue here