Make dark theme available on discourse


It seems like discourse has an option to allow users to select visual theme for discourse

If it’s simple to accomplish, could we perhaps have a dark theme enabled for julia discourse?



Enabled. The Julia logo looks kind of lousy in the dark theme, so maybe someone can work on that, but you can use the theme if you don’t mind the less awesome logo.


why not switch the night-mode logo image to a transparent one with an off-white font?


That would be fine if you want to go ahead and make those assets.


best i could do is:

edit: using link for image. discourse system bot adds white background to transparent pngs :frowning:

svg version of above version: // maybe we can flip colors in circles back

corresponding light version (to ensure they have the same dimensions):

update: here’s also a white font version -


Thank you! Floaters begone…


Has this nice logo applied on the site? it is still white bg here on my machine.