Auto-switch between discourse's light and dark theme

Is it somehow possible to auto-switch between the light and dark theme of our discourse depending on my macOS light/dark mode? That would be awesome… Manual switching takes way too many clicks (7-8).

Alternatively, it would be great to have a quick toggle button somewhere. For example next to the search/profile icons in the top right corner.


I found

So apparently there is a way to get exactly what I’m looking for. Would be great if we could enable this here.

Update: Ok, apparently this is the default now. But I don’t find it in my settings. Would be great if an admin here could investigate this.

I went to and if I toggle my (macOS) system light/dark mode the website changes appropriately. In contrast, nothing happens for our discourse here.

Ah, interesting. There’s a site-wide setting for the “default dark mode theme” that — by default — is simply disabled. I’ve now changed that to use the dark theme.

With an account, of course, you can always choose your own theme (which should override this default).

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Thanks, that did it. I can now enable automatic toggling in the interface preferences:

Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 21.36.31