Looking for next role

I am looking for a role in High Performance Computing / ML
I have a lot of experience as an architect and Dev Ops engineer.
Ideally the role would involve Julia!



Did you see the ad about the Caltech CLIMA position?

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thankyou @cstjean I am located in the UK. So ideally European.
I have lived and worked in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark and have enjoyed them all.

Yes thankyou!

If you’re interested in ML and would like to help MLJ get in touch, we may be looking for someone to join the dev team soonish


You should check out vacancies at UKAEA. There’s not a huge amount of Julia happening on-site, but the amount is going up :slight_smile:.

Melbourne Australia, there is a role in my team. So…

Hello @johnh - are you still looking by any chance?

Whoops. Note to self - send a PM!

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No problem! We’re about to start searching for a full time Julia expert to help with a new software service we are building. I was just doing some initial scouting and figured the Julia discourse would be a good starting point!

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