Jua.ai weather forcast jobs

I don’t work for Jua.ai (is it ok to post for others, even if not primarily a Julia job ad? Julia might be their main language for all I know, or will be…), I just found their work and the job ad intriguing:

Senior AI Engineer
Berlin, Germany / Remote

What we are looking for

As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, you will develop self-learning state-of-the-art weather forecasts based on machine learning and proprietary IoT data for a sustainable world


  • You have an M.Sc., and preferably a PhD. in Computer Science or Machine Learning
  • You have at least 5 years of professional experience in Machine Learning
  • You already had touchpoints in weather & climate science and an intrinsic interest in improving our life on earth with technology […]
  • You are proficient in Python, as well as in a compiled language (C/C++, Java, Julia or Go) […]

Generally, it is not a good idea to post unless it is primarily a Julia job. Ideally, the hiring firm should post, so that people applying know who the contact might be. Otherwise, there are lots of jobs where Julia is applicable, that mention Julia in passing that you can find on indeed.com.


I recalled it done before (though from the company, that since merged with chess.com, not a third party):

We have server-side software and content generation tools in Julia, Clojure and TypeScript, and a chess engine in C++.
This is not primarily a Julia job