Devops and MLops with the MIT Julia Lab

We’re looking for a new devops and MLops engineer to work with the Julia Lab. You’d be in charge of keeping all of our systems running and creating new schemes to accelerate Julia development. Julia’s Base CI, the FluxML, SciML and GPU resources are managed by this position. Automated benchmarking tools, automating the installation of Julia in R and Python packages, helping improve Julia’s setup for compute clusters, building tools to make it easy to manage ML training in Git repositories, etc. are the kinds of problems that are encountered. If you’re also interested in technical computing and interested in splitting time between ops and work in this domain, that can also be arranged.

Can be remote, but working in Boston at MIT is preferred. Contact me for more details.


Hello ChrisRackauckas,

I am interested to work for this role. I am graduated from Northeastern University in December 2020 and I am currently looking for a full-time opportunity.

Thank you.

Aishwary Shukla

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