Long fetching on local package update

Hi, I was just wondering if I have set up something wrong if this happens:
Context : this package is stored locally on my computer, I frequently change it so every time I do a commit, I must update it.
But there is that long Fetching operation everytime that’s bothering me. It looks like it is downloading something from github (the package is also on github but not registered).
So I was wondering whether I should change a setting somewhere or if this is normal behavior for a local package.

I think in such a situation it would be simpler to Pkg.develop the InventoryModels package from DRL_MMULS, so that the package manager would always use the version from your filesystem:

(DRL_MMULS) pkg> develop ..\InventoryModels

(That being said, there are ways to prevent Pkg from always updating the registry, but I would rather avoid doing that if Pkg.dev suits your needs)

There have been various reports that virus checkers slow down registry updates. Excluding .julia/registries from the monitored directories appears to help sometimes. (I did not in my case [MacOS], but things got a lot faster in v1.6 for me).