Julia Meetup Zurich: looking for a new organizer

I will step down as the organizer of the Julia Zurich Meetup. Apart from the revival a few month ago, I never got into gear again organizing gatherings post covid.

Is there anyone wanting to take over organizing this small group? If so reply in this thread or message me.

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This is super sad news. Leaders leaving Julia, even though the need for julia remains. And the alternatives do not exist.

Thank you for at least considering keeping it alive, @mauro3. I understand, but it is still a bad development.

To be honest, I have learned to really appreciate when people announce they are stepping down and are looking for someone to take over. The main alternative is that they just fade away.


(Just to be clear: I am not stopping programming in Julia but I am just stopping organizing that group.)


Ok, the group has been closed on meetup.com. If someone finds this and is interested to pick it back up: you’re welcome to use the website of the group https://julia-users-zurich.github.io/

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