Loading Reduce.jl into Weave is going really slow

when I have a

using Reduce

and I try to weave it, it weaves really slow. I want to use reduce, for things like expanding, but it won’t load. what all affects the speed and ability of packages to load into Julia Markdown?

The author of that package is not on discourse.
It sounds o


I was going to ask on git hub, I was partially thinking it was a markdown thing, and I was wondering, if someone could help with Julia Markdown.

Oops, got cut off.
Meant to say “it sounds odd”

Yes, other packeges load fine (even Gnuplot, which I don’t need with Reduce, and doesn’t load to weave, although I think I can save and add a .tex or .pdf, but that’s a seperate issue., I also might want to know if there’s a way to put Reduce outputs into functions, so I can use other packeges, including Plots.)