Markdown Preview using Weave.jl

Is there a way to use weave.jl to show a preview of a Markdown in pdf or HTML, before it’s converted? I thought I saw a picture like this using atom, in the documentation.

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I’m interested in knowing this too. I’m not a command line ninja, but I was able to knit an example .rmd file into html and separately into pdf.

In VS Code it looks like there is an option to open a preview, but clicking on this doesn’t result in anything happening.

I can’t see any Weave related settings in the Julia extension for VS Code

Open preview did work on my machine, Win10 + Julia 1.6.0-rc3 + latest Weave, VSCode and Julia extension. However, it was slow because it did full conversion every time I hit Open preview.

Right, the underlying bug got fixed fairly recently. Incremental updates for the preview are definitely possible, but not currently planned.

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