Markdown Preview using Weave.jl

Is there a way to use weave.jl to show a preview of a Markdown in pdf or HTML, before it’s converted? I thought I saw a picture like this using atom, in the documentation.

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I’m interested in knowing this too. I’m not a command line ninja, but I was able to knit an example .rmd file into html and separately into pdf.

In VS Code it looks like there is an option to open a preview, but clicking on this doesn’t result in anything happening.

I can’t see any Weave related settings in the Julia extension for VS Code

Open preview did work on my machine, Win10 + Julia 1.6.0-rc3 + latest Weave, VSCode and Julia extension. However, it was slow because it did full conversion every time I hit Open preview.

Right, the underlying bug got fixed fairly recently. Incremental updates for the preview are definitely possible, but not currently planned.

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It does not work for me either, under both Linux and Mac. When I tried this on a .jmd file, it shows an error saying “Only Julia Markdown (.jmd) files can be can be weaved.”

Do you mean it works only under Windows? It does not work for me under Mac and Linux. I am using Julia 1.6.2 with Weave 0.10.10.

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