List of resources using Turing

Hi everyone,

I thought it would nice to have a “Learning” section for Turing, something similar to what exists on the Julialang website. I know there are tutorials and links to Statistical Rethinking but I thought that pointing to git repos of people who use Turing, blog posts, different book translations, videos etc would also help. The canonical example would be pymc3 where there truly is a lot going on.

What do you all think?


We have a handful of tutorials here and general documentation here. does that help at all. or were you looking for something different?

Yes I’m aware of that but maybe other things like this github issue about porting books to Turing or ports of PyMC3 examples/tutorials to Julia.

I know it’s a lot to ask and I’ll try to do something about it as well but I thought about adding good discourse or stack questions to the main website as well or an excerpt of your interview with “Learning bayesian statistics” to present the language.