My Turing.jl models

I have now finished porting most of my WebPPL and BLOG models to Turing.jl. They are collected at My Julia Turing.jl (probabilistic programming) page and also available at my GitHub page: hakank/julia/turing at master · hakank/hakank · GitHub

It’s now about 170 models, many are (small/ish) probability problems, and just testing certain probabilistic programming concepts. Hopefully these models might be of some interest.

Last year I started to play with Turing.jl, but had then problems with a certain constructs that I was used to from WebPPL/BLOG, e.g. observing (discrete) variables in the model. This was much easier after Distributions.jl added the great Dirac distribution (which I perhaps tend to overuse now). The last week I’ve added 110 new models, since I got inspired to play with Turing.jl again (induced by an interesting off-line discussion with Ramon D-U as well as the ongoing JuliaCon).

Thanks to all here at Discourse that answered my newbie questions about Turing.jl!


Wow, spectacular work!

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@cpfiffer Thanks for your kind words!

Right now I’m watching the great “Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis” JuliaCon workshop which is very inspiring so there might be some new models soon…

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