Linking to exactly one documentation in @docs of Documenter.jl

I would like to refer to exactly one version of a function that is implemented for several subtypes in Documenter, see
here. Especially the line 28 which reads

manifold_dimension(::SymmetricPositiveDefinite{N}) where N

and I hoped that this would just produce the documentation for this one type (see here for its definition).
But currently it prints all available implementations from within Manifold.jl, see here. Even the Link of the anchor mentions the right signature, but the result prints all.

I am sorry for not being able to narrow that down to an MWE but I hoped that the exact signature would restrict the documentations to exactly this one case. Why is that not happening?

Or phrased differently (something that would also solve the problem): Is it possible to restrict a @docs-block to just one file (like one can to for @autodocs)? That would be great, too. might be relevant.

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Yes, thanks for the link; I think my situation is a little bit different, though. Extending your example I have the following (I think):

struct A{T} <: Number end
struct B{T} <: Number end
"""Number""" foo(x::Number) = x; # 1
"""A{T}""" foo(x::A{T}) where {T} = x; # 2
"""B{T}""" foo(x::B{T}) where {T} = x; # 3


foo(x::A{T}) where T

prints both #2 and #3 (if I am not mistaken) in my case.