`@ref` across files in Documenter.jl

I have split my module into multiple files. I want to cross reference across files.


# A
Pages = [ "A.jl" ]
Modules = [ MyModule ]
` ``

# B

Pages = [ "B.jl" ]
Modules = [ MyModule ]
` ``


@doc """ mystruct """
struct mystruct end


@doc """ my second struct which is totally different from [my other struct](@ref mystruct)
struct mystruct2 end

I’ve tried:

  • @ref MyModule.mystruct
  • @ref `mystruct`

But Documenter.jl cannot resolve the symbol. If I do this within the same file. There’s no issue using @ref mystruct. Also just using [`mystruct`](@ref) works across files. Is there a flag that would allow this?

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What is strange, is that [my text] (@ref mystruct) within the same file does work.