Documenter.jl: @ref a specific method of a function

Let’s say I have two methods


Integer version of `f`.
f(x::Integer) = println("I'm an integer!")


Float64 version of `f`.
f(x::Float64) = println("I'm floating!")

and produce doc entries for those methods in my documentation using Documenter.jl’s @autodocs or @docs.

How can I refer (with @ref) to one of the methods?

I’m searching for something like [integer version](@ref f(::Integer)) (which unfortunately does not work) rather than just [function f](@ref f) or [f](@ref).

Note that for generating the doc entries @docs has a similar feature. From the guide page:

[…] include the type in the signature with


Thanks in advance.

x-ref: julia - Documenter.jl: @ref a specific method of a function - Stack Overflow
x-ref: docs Block Methods · Issue #569 · JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl · GitHub

also x-ref where you also asked.

Oh, thanks.

In general, please don’t spam multiple forums with the same question.

You would normally refer to a function with [`f`](@ref), with the name of the function being referred to between backticks in text part of the link. You can then also refer to specific signatures, e.g. with [`f(::Integer)`](@ref).