Lines plot artifacts with GLMakie v0.10.2 on julia 1.10.3 (win10)

I was plotting some curves with a lot of low level noise with
GLMakie and the plots had a lot of extra line cruft as if the
line segments for the lines in the plot were not being correctly


A MWE for the above example is

using GLMakie;
data = [1 + 2*rand() + i/100 for i in 1:10000];

This should show a line of slope 1/100 with random noise as
a thickening strip of size 2 superimposed.

This is much less than the figure dimensions so the plot
should resemble a thick line. I find that if I zoom in enough that
some/most of the spilling line ends clean up.

Can anyone else reproduce the problem?

Could you open an issue? That looks like something in the line shader going haywire

I have opened an issue Line plot artifacts with GLMakie.

A work around appears to be setting joinstyle=:round