Lectureship (assistant professor)/ Senior Lectureship (~ associate prof) in Bristol, UK


We are recruiting in the broad area of mathematical modelling and scientific computing. This is a permanent academic job. See the advert here:



Also note that “Ability to facilitate learning in computer programming would also be desirable.” is part of the job description - getting Julia in the degree programme here would be great! (It’s Python at the moment.)

It’s also good to know now that there must be other Julia users in the dept as well :smile:


I should also point out the research strengths of the department are in dynamical systems (a mix of engineering/biological applications along with some fundamental theory), AI/machine learning, and robotics (of various kinds).


Interesting. I am a (computational) statistician in the School of Mathematics at Bristol, and am also quite keen on Julia. It would be good to know how academics in Bristol are using Julia.


Opportunity for a local Julia users group? I’m down in Exeter and the London group is a bit too far away to attend…