2 permanent academic positions in Engineering Maths, University of Bristol

Not directly Julia related but I figure there are probably a fair few Julians interested in academic jobs, particularly around maths and data science —

2 permanent academic positions in Engineering Mathematics (Bristol, UK) now available (research+teaching)! The department is strong in (general) math modelling, dynamical systems, AI+data science, and robotics https://www.bristol.ac.uk/jobs/find/details/?jobId=201436

Feel free to ask me any questions about the department (direct message or reply to this thread).


It gets better, we’ve just had three more positions approved, though this time teaching focussed. One general maths https://bristol.ac.uk/jobs/find/details/?jobId=201432 and 2 data science https://bristol.ac.uk/jobs/find/details/?jobId=201196 (yes, we’re expanding!)


So why not teach Julia in the Engineering Mathematics undergraduate degree at Bristol? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m working on it :blush: There are a few other Julia users in the department and I mention it in my scientific computing unit (and accept submissions in Julia), though since I’m co-teaching with two others it I have to go with the majority (Python…).

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I better come clean: My son is in the second year of Engineering Mathematics in your department. :grin: I keep showing him how elegant Julia is! :joy:

Also, I see you published a paper(in Nature) with Tom Hill. He and I are doing some work together. Small world.

Anyway this is definitely a Julia networking thread and perhaps there are more UK academics out there that could chip in about how Julia is being adopted.