Learning Julia on exercism.io through practice problems and free mentorship



Hey everyone,

Exercism is a platform designed to help people improve their coding skills through practice and mentorship.

It relaunched a few months ago with a new mentoring feature. The Julia track has since grown significantly to nearly 600 students. I want to share it here, because it may be useful to people learning and teaching Julia. For disclosure: I currently maintain the Julia track.

How does it work? There are currently 36 Julia exercises, all including a test suite. 11 of those are so called core exercises. They are designed to teach a little bit more about the language features. A student uploads his solution to the exercise and receives feedback on it by a mentor and discusses it. Once the solution is approved, the student unlocks the next core, and a few side exercises. Usually this is done after a few rounds of refactoring. The side exercises provide practice problems to deepen the learned skills.

Who does it target? Exercism is mainly targetted at people who need practice problems while learning a new language. If you like to help beginners out, like to discuss solutions and want to learn more tricks yourself, you may enjoy becoming a mentor.

If you’re teaching a class, feel free to use the exercises, example solutions and test suites, they’re all published under the MIT license: https://github.com/exercism/julia. There’s also a version for private teams: https://teams.exercism.io/

The track is growing, and while currently the mentors can mostly keep up with the demand, more mentors and contributors are always welcome!
If you’re interested, check it out and consider joining. It is completely up to you, how much time you want to spend on it, although ideally we want to have enough mentors so that on average ~1 hour a week per mentor is enough to handle all submissions. Even giving feedback on 1 submission a week is valuable to the learners!

Looking forward to your comments and hopefully seeing more mentors and students on the track! :slight_smile:


Very commendable that you do this! I’ve recommended this to a new user!