Practice material or exercises from the course Julia Programming For Nervous Beginners

Hello, I have recently started the Julia Programming For Nervous Beginners course, however in the lessons the instructor Henri Laurie invites us to do the exercises.
I have already checked in the repository and also in julyaacademy, but I can’t find anything.
Does anyone know where the practice exercises you mention are? Or, failing that, practice material for this level?

Mr Dabbling Doggo, @Henri_Laurie, sending a small ping here to see if you could help! :dog:

Hi all – I am sorry to say I ran out of funding (and perhaps also energy and time), and so the full course was never developed. It would be great if a community effort could get started, I suppose initially we could just invite lots of exercise proposals.

Having too many would lead to the pleasant problem of putting together a good selection.

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The exercises are mentioned because they were planned, however never written, sad to say.

Practice material at this level seems to be hard to find. I didn’t have any to hand when I wrote the course.

Ah, That explains things. I was looking for something about this under the New to Julia but decided to try a general search, and found this thread. Unfortunately, it appears that Mr. Laurie ran out of energy or interest, perhaps caused by that lack of funding, early on in his lectures, say starting in lecture 5.

However, this solution does not work for me. I was involved in intensive training for years in Naval (Submarine) and Civilian Nuclear Power ( 1960s - 80s) and feel that a commitment should be carried out in full, either full effort in what was being shown then killed early, or full effort to the end, rather than this half-hearted effort that I am trying to watch now.