Practice material or exercises from the course Julia Programming For Nervous Beginners

Hello, I have recently started the Julia Programming For Nervous Beginners course, however in the lessons the instructor Henri Laurie invites us to do the exercises.
I have already checked in the repository and also in julyaacademy, but I can’t find anything.
Does anyone know where the practice exercises you mention are? Or, failing that, practice material for this level?

Mr Dabbling Doggo, @Henri_Laurie, sending a small ping here to see if you could help! :dog:

Hi all – I am sorry to say I ran out of funding (and perhaps also energy and time), and so the full course was never developed. It would be great if a community effort could get started, I suppose initially we could just invite lots of exercise proposals.

Having too many would lead to the pleasant problem of putting together a good selection.

The exercises are mentioned because they were planned, however never written, sad to say.

Practice material at this level seems to be hard to find. I didn’t have any to hand when I wrote the course.