Structural code review Tutor (paid)


i am learning julia now for a couple of years on the side (BI consultant) but I want to take it to a deeper level this year. I am looking for a Tutor (or a group of tutors) with which I can agree on certain projects, an example would be huffman compression.

I code it up with the knowledge that I have of Julia (refactor it ) and then send it in. The Tutor reviews it and gives me pointers how I can use Julia better to accomplish the same functionality and we can have a short 1on1 if needed, so i can ask questions or the tutor can elaborate further.

we have several projects over the year.

My time zone is The Netherlands, Europe.

This will be a paid arrangement, at the end of the year we want to achieve a certain (pre-discussed) level in my coding skills.

The question:
Does anyone here know someone skilled in Julia that likes helping people get better in their coding and is a custom to giving constructive criticism on someones code? Or do you know an organization that can facilitate this?

I am currently asking the same question at juliacomputing, they have a tutorial section but don’t do this specifically. I haven’t heard back yet.


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I heard the exercism website connects experienced Julia programmers to first time users. You do exercises and get feedback from other members of the community. Maybe what you need?