Large idle memory usage


I found that Julia has quite a large memory footprint in my machine, and wanted to ask if it’s normal.
By opening Atom, a Julia process opens, with ~500 MB. When starting julia in the REPL, another process with similar memory usage appears.

  • Why are there two julia processes per Atom session?
  • Is this amount of RAM usage normal?
    I would add that when opening julia in the command line it also takes ~500MB of RAM.
    This is with removing everything from the startup.jl file.

Thanks for your time!


I “only” get about 200MB (Julia 1.1 on Linux), which compares quite poorly to the 40MB an ipython shell uses. This is known, but someone else has to tell you why that is though. Not sure why you get 500MB.

The two julia processes for atom are probably: the one you expect (the one you interact with) and another one running to do clever clever stuff with your code (show help, find where functions are defined etc.)


Atom by defaults opens two sessions at startup to have one ready if you restart Julia. It’s called something like boot mode = cycler in the settings. Try to kill Julia in atom and you’ll see that a new session will be ready immediately


Thank you, good to know!


I use Julia 1.0 on Win10 - maybe the difference comes from this.