LANL Quantum Computing Summer School Fellowship

Applications are now open for Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Quantum Computing Summer School (QCSS 2020).

This school provides a unique opportunity for undergrads, masters, and PhD students to have hands-on experience programming quantum devices such as,

  • IBM’s Quantum Experience
  • D-Wave’s Quantum Annealer
    The 10 week paid summer internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory includes, a quantum computing lecture series, hands-on programming tutorials and research projects with staff scientists.

This is a great opportunity to extend and explore Julia-based tools for quantum computing.

Fellowship applications are due by January 17, 2020.


Are they only going to give these opportunities to students and academics?

I am an independent researcher, not part of an academic institution and without much employment history, I study quantum computing alone.

My work is at Grassmann.jl, will people like me also get opportunities, or is this only for people affiliated with academic institutions?

@chakravala, unfortunately the fellowship requires that applicants are currently enrolled in an academic program or transitioning into one (e.g. someone who will be starting a study in the fall of 2020).

It is too bad, Grassmann.jl looks very interesting!


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@chakravala I am in agreement with the splitting of the thread, as much of that discussion is off topic from the primary topic of this post, which is simply an announcement about LANL’s QCSS 2020 program. Based on that discussion I will add the following point.

Knowing how to code in Julia and contributing to this community, either via package development or other forms of engagement, is seen as a strong positive trait in the review of QCSS applications. That said, the program in competitive (around 5% acceptance rate last year), we cannot accept many qualified applicants simply due to to a lack of space.


Deadline reminder bump.