Quantum Computing Summer School Fellowship

Applications are now open for Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Quantum Computing Summer School (QCSS 2109).


This school provides a unique opportunity for undergrads, masters, and PhD students to get hands-on experience programming NISQ devices through a 10 week summer internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Fellows with significant Julia expertise will have an opportunity to leverage and build-on Julia’s quantum computing software stacks.


@Roger-luo might want to pass this around?

Aha, thanks. I might be able to apply, just start my master next summer. I’ll be able to try our framework with real hardware!

Just don’t know if they accept international students. But I’ll pass this to my lab mates as well.

Have to write Julia as other languages :frowning_face:

You will clearly stand out among the applicants. :slight_smile: