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@ccoffrin that sounds like a very reasonable requirement; however, it’s actually possible to achieve a greater potential as a scientist when not academically retarded by a universal social judgement institution. Why would it be beneficial for me to limit myself with the academically retarded possibilities at an institution, when I can already step ahead of them and change my paradigm before they do? Please let me know when they catch up, then I might consider joining them, if they stop their bureaucratic overbloated incompetence. It’s more efficient to not waste huge amounts of resources on the universal social judgement apparatus, when all it takes is a laptop, some food, and a few books.

No, I don’t think so: It also takes interaction and exchange of ideas in conversation with other people (and believe me, as a mathematician I know this can be challenging).

In my opinion, you are wasting your talent by making overly general and vague statements, here and elsewhere, and that is a big pity. It is better to judge individuals, not entire institutions at once. (After all, Julia itself started as one of the fruits of academia.)


Well, yea of course it takes all that. Do educational insititions somehow have a monopoly in interaction? I didn’t notice at least, because I get plenty interaction and discuss science with many researchers.

I disagree. One should first and foremost judge the institutuions society surrounds him with as this is the first mark of a true free citizen.

There are no individuals in institutions and all that are part of institutions bear the responsibilities, advantages and … guilts.

@ccoffrin last year I was enrolled when I applied for your program, but this time around I am not enrolled… but even if I was enrolled for fall 2020, I doubt my application would be considered favorably… even if you were interested in Grassmann.jl, my expectation is that I will be discriminated against and rejected, just like I have been rejected from everything I apply for. Last year when I applied, I was already doing Grassmann.jl, was enrolled, so you had a chance already. Now, times have changed, I will not be enrolling again unless there is a convincing argument.

It’s not me who is wasting my life though, I am doing plenty of good things with my life. It is the employers who are wasting my talents by not employing me due to their discriminatory hiring practices.

It may be your personality that discourages employers from hiring you. Generally, calm and quiet sunmission along with intellectual humility are most sought for. In other words, one has to be: competent, cheap and a-nice-fellow to maximize chances of getting a job.

I think it helps to think of academia, that is teaching and research in general whether bound to an organization or not, as a business. We provide a service but people won’t pay me because I think they should. Only if I manage to present my service in a nice way that stands out and attracts their attention that they will want to hire me. So being nice is part of being a competent teacher and a successful researcher who can attract connections and funds. Of course, just like with business, there is a dark side to academia, but everyone in academia is aware of that. But then as far as an individual is concerned, I don’t think isolation and having a self-centered view of the job market and life as a whole will be of any help. I hope you don’t take this in a bad way. I am just sharing my not-so-optimistic-but-also-not-so-pessimistic point of view on the matter. Of course, a career shift is always an option too, perhaps in another country if that’s an option for you. Good luck with your job hunt and life in general :slight_smile:


Guess what? I was suspended from university for emailing a few professors to collaborate on Grassmann.jl… this represents a complete erosion of trust between me and the university system, and I will never trust or respect a system that arbitrarily punishes people just because someone in power doesn’t like me.

Generally, I am quiet and one of the nicest and gracious people you will ever meet in person (maybe not on the internet, as people misinterpret things).

However, my experiences at university have turned me into a bitter man with zero respect for academia. It is unlikely I will ever consider the current academic system as trustworthy, useful, or beneficial. The overbloated administrators are all corrupt and on a power trip.

That is absurd. Sorry to hear; well, buckle up and dont look back :wink:

You keep splitting my posts into a different thread, even though I’m having a discussion with @ccoffrin about the fellowship application. Please see the other thread and respond here.

Such things should be handled in private, imo. I don’t want to read it here.

You are super smart, but don’t you see it: retarded, overbloated incompetence, … this is the internet, it will stick. Better delete and meditate about it. I’d recommend to listen to zgornel and mohammed82008 in the other thread. – Sorry this was very offtopic, won’t say anything more here, feel free to delete. Sorry.


I am open sourcing my situation, you don’t have to read it or participate, but I don’t mind being open and honest.

I will not be applying then and neither will I enroll in an academic program, since the chance of it being worth it to enroll and apply to your program is too low.

Not that any of this matters to any of you, clearly nobody cares whether non-academics are serious researchers or not… except for me, being an actual and serious non-academic researcher. People like me exist, whether you want me to exist or not.

Discriminating against my type of researcher identity is not productive, but who cares except for me, right?

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