Just an observation: dotted variables

I only just noticed that although \dot[tab]v and v\dot[tab] look identical in the REPL and in JUNO, they are of course not the same. In LaTeX one typically writes \dot{v}, which has got me into the habit of writing \dot[tab]v instead of v\dot[tab]. The latter is correct as everyone but me knows.

Hmm, on my repl they look different: julia>˙a vs ȧ (Linux). And the former is not a valid variable name in my repl either.

The first one is typed wrongly, the second is typed correctly:


Or look at…

Funny. Looks like the behavior depends on what character precedes the \dot. I wonder if your terminal is displaying it incorrectly because it doesn’t support (that’s a \dot-ed . and should look like a wonky colon). I’m guessing you’re on Windows?

Aagh! No, please! I find it difficult to put in words how much I dislike Windows. My go to platform is Arch Linux but at work I use Ubuntu. When DEC went belly up and the software engineers were poached by Microsoft we got:

for c in "VMS"

Which wasn’t bad in itself but an increasingly fatty abomination from then on.

If I do \dot[tab]v at the Julia prompt I just get a green dot:

Put the v before the \dot TAB.

I know! That’s the point of this thread! :wink:

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Wow, you just found a good candidate for object-dot-method syntax! :grinning: