Deleted Julia kernel from Jupyter Notebook, but now I can't get it back

After downloading Julia 1.6.1, I figured I might as well remove the 1.5.3 and 1.6.0 kernels that I had installed on Jupyter Notebook, which I did using the instructions here: How to remove previous version from Jupyter? - Stack Overflow

But now I’m having trouble getting the 1.6.1 kernel installed. After downloading 1.6.1 I went to the Julia command line and tried using Pkg and then Pkg.install("IJulia"), just like how I originally got the Julia kernel in Jupyter. Based on the REPL response, it appeared to have installed correctly, but when I go to create a new Jupyter notebook I don’t see an option for a Julia kernel…Any suggestions for how to get the kernel back?

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Try this: ] build IJulia


It works!! Thank you!!