How to obtain a Julia 1.4.1 kernel in Jupyter on Windows 10?


I have Julia 1.3.0 available as a kernel in Jupyter Lab, and I’ve installed the IJulia package in my installation of Julia 1.4.1. But when I open Jupyter Lab, there is no 1.4.1. kernel there. I can’t remember by what magic (if any) I got the Julia 1.3.0 kernel available in Jupyter, but I’d very much like 1.4.1 available as well.

If it helps, both my Julia 1.3.0 and Julia 1.4.1 return the same directory for IJulia.kerneldir(). But when I check that directory using there is only the 1.3.0 kernel there.

Any advice would be very welcome!


You have to build the package manually. You can do that in Pkg mode.

] build IJulia

Thank you - doing that now … and there it is. Many thanks indeed!