Juno profiler results not showing up

I am trying to profile a function. For this I want to use the @profiler macro which seems to be the best option for me and also I am unable to install the other profilers available anyways (either GTK cannot be installed or I get a version error or the package can’t compile).
I am using atom with juno, the code runs smoothly and @profiler func(...) doesn’t appear to bug, but the results aren’t displayed. It’s kind of what is sometimes happening with plot(...) where you have to force it with display to actually see the plot, but here there is no way to do

display( @profiler func(...) )

Have you ever run into this problem and found a way to solve it ?

Not an answer to your question, but Juno development is abandoned in favor of vscode plugin and Juno users are recommended to switch to VSCode (or any other editor/IDE of their choice).

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While it’s true that Juno isn’t actively developed that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it anymore :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen this specific problem before. Did you try the sample code here (with @profiler instead of @profview)?

I just triedrunning your suggested sample code with @profiler, it runs but nothing shows up (like when I try to profile my own code).