How to zoom in on profiler view

Is there a way to zoom in on output from Juno.profiler()? When I use the scroll wheel or the +/- buttons in the graphical interface, it appears to just pan the output.

I wonder if Juno.profiler() is mature enough at this point because, compared to ProfileView, you loose the coloring and especially the red color that helps a lot to spot type and allocation issues.
In addition it is quite easy to zoom in ProfileView.

What version of julia-client and ink are you running? I can zoom just fine on the latest versions, so you might be running into a bug that’s already fixed.

Should be fairly easy to add those, but we only got a feature request asking for that 5 days ago:

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Hi, I am an enthusiast Juno’s user so I hope I did not offended you with my comment on the Juno.profiler() maturity.

This is probably very difficult and time consuming to achieve but a profile view based on the valgrind strategy (nested boxes) would be very useful for me.