Juno in Mac OS: mkdir: Permission denied

I installed JuliaPro 1.0.1 with Mac OS Mojave. I get this error when i start Juno IDE and Julia
looks like permission issue but donno how to fix? thank you
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ERROR: SystemError (with /Users/Evveric/.julia/logs): mkdir: Permission denied
[1] #systemerror#39(::String, ::Function, ::Symbol, ::Bool) at /Applications/JuliaPro-
[2] #mkdir#7(::UInt16, ::Function, ::String) at /Applications/JuliaPro-
[3] #mkdir at ./none:0 [inlined]
[4] #mkpath#8(::UInt16, ::Function, ::String) at ./file.jl:212
[5] mkpath at ./file.jl:207 [inlined]
[6] setup_interface(::REPL.LineEditREPL, ::Bool, ::Union{Dict, Array{#s561,1} where #s561<:Dict}) at /Users/vagrant/worker/juliapro-release-osx1011-0_6/build/tmp_julia/Julia-1.0.app/Contents/Resources/julia/share/julia/stdlib/v1.0/REPL/src/REPL.jl:843
[7] #setup_interface#47(::Bool, ::Union{Dict, Array{#s560,1} where #s560<:Dict}, ::Any, ::REPL.LineEditREPL) at /Users/vagrant/worker/juliapro-release-osx1011-0_6/build/tmp_julia/Julia-1.0.app/Contents/Resources/julia/share/julia/stdlib/v1.0/REPL/src/REPL.jl:759
[8] setup_interface at /Users/vagrant/worker/juliapro-release-osx1011-0_6/build/tmp_julia/Julia-1.0.app/Contents/Resources/julia/share/julia/stdlib/v1.0/REPL/src/REPL.jl:759 [inlined]
[9] (::getfield(Pkg, Symbol("##1#2")))(::REPL.LineEditREPL) at /Users/vagrant/worker/juliapro-release-osx1011-0_6/build/tmp_julia/Julia-1.0.app/Contents/Resources/julia/share/julia/stdlib/v1.0/Pkg/src/Pkg.jl:343
[10] __atreplinit(::REPL.LineEditREPL) at ./client.jl:307
[11] #invokelatest#1 at ./essentials.jl:697 [inlined]
[12] invokelatest at ./essentials.jl:696 [inlined]
[13] _atreplinit at ./client.jl:314 [inlined]
[14] macro expansion at ./logging.jl:310 [inlined]
[15] (::getfield(Base, Symbol("##719#721")){Bool,Bool,Bool,Bool})(::Module) at ./client.jl:342
[16] run_main_repl(::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool) at /Applications/JuliaPro-
[17] exec_options(::Base.JLOptions) at /Applications/JuliaPro-
[18] _start() at /Applications/JuliaPro-

[ Info: Disabling history file for this session
julia> versioninfo()
Julia Version 1.0.1
Commit 0d713926f8 (2018-09-29 19:05 UTC)
Platform Info:
OS: macOS (x86_64-apple-darwin14.5.0)
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-5675R CPU @ 3.10GHz
LIBM: libopenlibm
LLVM: libLLVM-6.0.0 (ORCJIT, broadwell)
JULIA_EDITOR = atom -a
JULIA_PKG_SERVER = https://pkg.juliacomputing.com/
JULIA_PKG_TOKEN_PATH = /Users/XXX/.julia/token.toml


~/.julia is being created with the wrong owner during the installation – I think you should be able to fix this with

$ sudo chown -R Evveric ~/.julia

Thanks, I had same issue and this seems to have done the trick.

thank you! indeed it solved all issue!

Many thanks! I have been encountering similar problems when trying to install a number of julia packages. If I use sudo for installation, I have to run sudo julia all the time to load that package, or I would get a Permission error, which can be quite annoying.

I have seen this many times, where the fix is to run something like “$ sudo chown -R Evveric ~/.julia”. But I can not understand where I am supposed to run it? Is it in the REPL? in CMD? Or maybie in the “Run” window? Because none of them seem to work, with or without the “$”. So could you tell me where to run this command? I am running windows 10

That line is a UNIX/Linux command and will not run in Windows. It changes the file ownership of everything in the directory tree.


Alright, thanks a lot