Juno, how go back from jump to function definition

Hello, i was testing Juno. I never use Atom before now … and i can’t understand how go back from function definition, in another file, where i am gone by CTRL +mouse click on the name of called function.

Where is a “go back” ??

Help me please …

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Ctrl-J Ctrl-B or Julia Client: Return from Goto in the command pane (which you can open with Ctrl-Shift-P).

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mmm … i tried … but …

CTRL-click mouse … move me to function definition, in anothe file, ok … with CTRL-B i visualize e list of previous link … i have o hit return again to move back … ok … but … there is a direct shortcut to turn back? an arrow, or a CTRL-something to go back where i was before to do CTRL-click, without see any list? many thanks …

I did actually mean the shortcut as I wrote it – hit and hold Ctrl, then press J and then, while still holding Ctrl, press B.

Oh,ok, sorry, it works! :smiley:
Thanks @pfitzseb !