Jump to error in source code in Juno REPL?

This seems to be a basic operation but I couldn’t find it in the documentation or Internet… So here I am.

In Juno, if I run a script and there are errors, the REPL will show the error message together with the locations of the error in the source code (and obviously there is a Stacktrace of locations at various call levels, not just a single location).

If I hover my mouse over the location, it will be underlined as if it’s a clickable link. But when I click it, nothing happens, the editor does not navigate to the source code location like most other IDEs would do.

I tried Ctrl-click, Alt-click, Ctrl-Alt-click, double click, right click… Same result.

Am I missing something? Thanks for any help!

Versions: Windows 10 64-bit, Atom 1.35.1 x64, Julia 1.1.0 64-bit, Juno.jl v0.7.0, Atom.jl v0.8.2.

That sounds like a bug. Can you post a screenshot, or at least the paths for which this does not work? Also try something like 0//0 in the REPL and try clicking the ./rational.jl part.

Thanks for quick reply!

I tried both in REPL and in script the “0//0” expression, and I was able to click and navigate to the error location in ./rational.jl.

However, for the script case, I was not able to click and navigate to the location in my own script where the error occurred.

Please see screenshot below. The mouse shows where I clicked but was not able to incur any navigation action in my own script “test.jl” which was open in the editor.

Fixed here. I inadvertently messed up the Windows part of some weird regex…
Thanks for the report!

PS: It’s a bit easier for me to keep track of issues if you post them in the Juno.jl repo instead of the forums.

Great! Thank you for the fix!

I’m sometimes reluctant to open issues because I’m often not sure if it’s myself doing something wrong or being unaware of a trick.That’s why I come here to ask. :slight_smile:

Maybe next time I’ll open an issue at the same time and refer to the issue when I ask here. If it turns out it’s not a real issue then I will go back to close it.

Thanks again!

If you’re unsure what’s going on that is an issue as well – not a bug, maybe, but a UX problem.

Good point. :joy: