Go to Declaration in juno does nothing

If, in atom/juno, I select an identifier in a julia source file and right click, “Go to Declaration” is one of the choices. However, when I select it the right click menu closes and nothing else happens.

This is similar to the behavior reported in https://discourse.julialang.org/t/juno-keyboard-shortcuts-and-source-navigation/16262; the advice there seemed to be that the code needed to be loaded. I added the package and issued a using directive, but it made no difference.

Specifically I was looking at twicedifferentiable.jl in NLSolversBase. I highlighted GradientConfig and selected “Go to Declaration”. I also tried selecting ‘ForwardDiff.GradientConfig’ and right-clicking.
Then I added ForwardDiff in the packages manager in the REPL (which is in the environment I’m working on, not the default) and issued using ForwardDiff. It didn’t change the non-results.

@search ForwardDiff.GradientConfig can find the function; there are 3 choices (BTW, @search GradientConfig finds nothing). If Go to Declaration only works when there’s one choice that would explain the problem, though it would also mean it isn’t much practical help.


I can’t repro that issue in that exact same file:

Do note that you need to use Go to Definition instead of Go to Declaration – the latter is a ctags based option shipped with Atom, which doesn’t work with Julia out of the box.

I had same issue. Was trying “Go to Declaration”, because it seemed the only option available (and it didn’t do anything). However, now I realized, that “Go to Declaration” is hidden under “Julia-Client” submenu. This one works, even without marking whole identifier.