Juno hangs when trying to inspect large objects in Workspace



I’m storing a lot of string data in sets. These sets I store in fields of objects.
Now I’m having the problem that when I click on the little arrow next to one of the objects in the Juno Workspace, the object does not expand to reveal the fields, but Juno just hangs (with the process at full load forever, and over time filling up all the system memory).
My suspicion is that the problem is that Juno somehow tries to process all the strings contained in the set to generate the preview of the contents of the Workspace, but if there is a lot of data this takes forever.

The code below can be used to replicate the problem. It runs in a few seconds and creates about 1 GB of data. After running the code, click on the little arrow next to T in the Juno workspace, and Juno will hang. The system memory will slowly fill up completely.

type TTT

T = TTT(Set())
sBig = "aaaaaaaaaa"^100000000

for i = 1:10
  push!(T.Set1, sBig)

sBig = ""

Is there a way to prevent this? Maybe this is a known problem, I figure other people also work with large datasets in Julia.