Juno/Atom editor

I’m looking for tips on managing open files in Juno/Atom.

I have a project where I like to have lots of files open. These files are grouped into a sets (say 5-6 sets each of 4-6 files). Currently I have a pane for each group and the files are tabs within that pane. This works OK but I seem to be struggling with easily switching between panes. I’m constantly dragging the dividing edge between panes to reveal hidden ones, but I might have to do this multiple times to get to the one I want.

Is there a better way? Perhaps two-levels of tabs. The first level to select the pane, the second level to select the file within a pane (without needed to drag dividing edges). Or maybe a “pane viewer” side-panel?

A second question.
In Sublime Text, if I hover over a function (definition or call), a pop-up menu is displayed showing all “Definitions” and “References” of that function along with the filename and line number. If I click on any of these it jumps directly to that reference.
Is there a similar feature in Juno/Atom?

This plugin should help, I think. Haven’t tried it myself though.

Kind of, but not quite.
You can either install hyperclick which will allow you to jump to a method’s definition when clicking on a function call (same as the C-J C-G keybinding). Or you could try using this, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll work at all. Neither of those options cover the “References” part though, I think.

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Ok, Thanks!
I’ll give these a try.