JuMP: DimensionalData Compatibility

I’m running into compat issues with JuMP, caused by the dependence on DimensionalData.jl, v0.24. Specifically, I’m trying to use JuMP.jl and the latest version of Rasters.jl, which requires DimensionalData v0.25.1. Is there any reason JuMP does not allow v0.25?

Also, this may not be the place for this discussion, but it seems unfortunate that a package extension would cause compat issues with direct dependencies of other packages. Is there a way to get around this?

Thank you!

Ah! It strikes. This was a concern of mine when we added the extension. Let me update JuMP. There is no work around.

Great, thanks so much Oscar!

Oh no! Yes its still a big experiment how far we can push extension interop without these lockups.

In the worst case we will just end up with some users a few months behind cutting edge development, like you have in most other languages :wink:

(@odow I am really trying to keep the breaking versions to a minimum, but there will be another one in the next few weeks too)