JuMP package download issue: Some dependencies errored

I just downloaded the latest version of JuMP v0.21.8 and while precompiling some of the dependencies failed. Any reason why? However, the command build JuMP runs without any error. I am using Julia 1.6.1.

I can’t reproduce this on a clean install.

What is import Pkg; Pkg.precompile()?

Also import Pkg; Pkg.status()?

Hi @odow,

I clean wiped the .jula/ folder on my machine and reinstalled the JuMP package. The dependencies that failed then reduced to 1. Finally, I found this solution on stackoverflow. Even though it resolves the issue, I still don’t know the reason behind it. Any leads on why this may be happening? I never faced this when I installed any package on my previous machines.

This is the first package I installed on this machine so there isn’t anything else installed.
JuMP v0.21.8

Pkg.precompile() does not return anything.

Also on running test JuMP, I see that MutableArithmetics does not pass 6 tests. Not sure if the issues are related:

Test Summary: | Pass  Total
model.jl      |  257    257
mutable_arithmetics.jl took 61.5 seconds.
Test Summary:          | Pass  Broken  Total
mutable_arithmetics.jl | 1786       6   1792
nlp.jl took 9.9 seconds.
Test Summary: | Pass  Total
nlp.jl        |  113    113

Any probable reasons behind why dependencies errored or these tests fail? Thank you!

No ideas sorry.

The broken tests in MutableArithmetic are known. You can safely ignore them.

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Okay. Thanks.

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