Compat Issues Messing Me Up - Help needed

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to keep my package a float(GitHub - caseykneale/ChemometricsTools.jl: A collection of tools for chemometrics and machine learning written in Julia.)… It was working fine then DSP.jl broke due to issues with FFTW? This happened 2 releases ago v0.5.8.

So I removed DSP.jl and tried to update my [compat]. Now despite my best efforts,
I tried to install my package, and it was throwing errors about julia downversioning or something on a different computer. So it preferentially installed 0.5.8 which is of course completely broken.

How do I get out of this broken compatibility loop? Is there a way to “fix” an old release?

The DSP/FFTW issue has been resolved, so if you can use the latest DSP.jl (0.6.1) it should be OK.

FWIW I just installed your package into a fresh environment (both the released version and master) and it seemed to install fine, so maybe there’s some other package you have installed that’s causing problems?


Maybe it was Julia 1.05 that was busted?

I think the issue is 0.5.8’s compat line specifies a specific version of DSP or is capped to the version that is busted? So if 0.5.9 fails to install a user gets redirected to 0.5.8 which is broken (I think) due to DSP. Not sure. Maybe that computers environment just needs burned down.