JuMP v0.19.2 ⇒ v0.18.6

Just installed Julia 1.2 along with JuMP and other packages. Did an update and noticed that JuMP was downgraded from version v0.19.2 ⇒ v0.18.6. Not sure why this is happening. Any clues?


I would guess it has something to do with this issue. Seems like under 1.2, compiling MOI code (and by extension JuMP) can hang. I’m super not an expert, perhaps one of the JuMP or MOI devs can illuminate the situation.

This is a unfortunate result of Pkg choosing to downgrade JuMP instead of one of the solvers you have installed.

See https://github.com/JuliaOpt/GLPK.jl/issues/106#issuecomment-523659797

However. If you use Julia 1.2 at present, you will encounter the compiler hang mentioned above. The new version of JuMP will fix this, but until it’s released, we recommend you stick with Julia 1.1.

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Thanks! Today when I updated the packages, JuMP got upgraded to 0.20.

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