Juliaup (v1.6.12) on windows, doesnt update, and doesnt see 1.8rc4

As 1.8rc4 just came out, I was trying to update my rc channel on both Linux and Windows. On Linux, it did work (after I had to do “juliaup self update” to get it to 1.7.20).

But on Windows “juliaup 1.6.12” does not see the rc4 binary. And it does not self update to 1.7.20 (says “No update available”).

Is this normal ? What can I do ?

I get the same as you, my linux updated but my windows didn’t find anything.

I think it is just that the process of getting something up on the windows store can take some time.

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You were right, now the self update works and rc4 is available. Thanks @davidanthoff !


One of my next projects is to have info about new Julia versions be delivered outside the Windows shop to Juliaup, so that these delays should be significantly shorter or go away entirely.