`juliaup update` does not update the Julia

I tried to update Julia using Juliaup, but I haven’t been successful. First, I updated Juliaup using juliaup self update, and after that, I tried to update julia to 1.8.2 using juliaup update, but it stuck in that phase:

Installing Julia 1.8.2+0.x64 (x64).

Where is the problem?

Could you give us more details? I just updated Julia with no problem with juliaup.

You’re right. It seems that the problem is with the internet connection since I’m in Iran and here we don’t have stable internet.


I’ll keep this question updated. I have a chance in the middle of the night.

Update 10/2/2022
The problem was because of internet censorship by Iran. I updated to the latest version using a VPN.

Hi, Is Juliaup a julia package? I can’t find it on juliapacksges.

It’s a way to install and manage Julia itself: