Juliaup on linux & systemd

I’ve installed juliaup on a CentOS 8.3 server and everything works fine for interactive use. However when I try to start a service via systemd it fails. Note that I have installed juliaup (& julia) as root user and hence all that stuff is under /root dir and this is a problem for systemd. It just won’t start the service. It took me a while to figure out the problem since info from systemd is minimal. In the end the solution was to copy the julia installation to a different dir (/opt/julia) and give that path to julia in the .service file. That works but it sucks that I now have 2 dirs where julia is and if I upgrade julia via juliaup or packages I have to manually keep that in sync.

I don’t know if this qualifies as a bug for juliaup but just installing everyting in the userdir can give unexpected problems. Maybe it’s just for the root user . I haven’t checked that . Just wanted to give a heads up.

Does systemd have access to /root? Does it usually run as root?

I don’t think systemd runs as root. If you look at the permissions of /root it’s readable & executable by all but somehow systemd does not want to read/run it. I think it’s a security feature of systemd. Anyway my point is that the default of juliaup to installe julia under (hidden) subdir of a user homedir can have unintented consequences.