Juliaup Issue - No Detection of Julilaup


I’m new to Julia and have been trying to figure out why Julia REPL won’t recognize any juliaup commands. I downloaded Julia on Windows through Microsoft Store which to my knowledge is supposed to include juliaup as well. Today I had a message within Julia REPL asking me to update Julia to the latest release with “juliaup update”, however, whenever I type any juliaup commands such as “juliaup status” or “juliaup update” I am just given a syntax error relating to “extra token” for any word after juliaup (picture of error attached).

I decided to uninstall and re-install Julia to get this latest release but I am still having the same issues with Juliaup so I assume I won’t be able to easily update again in the future and would really like to solve this problem to avoid this. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
JuliaUp Error

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juliaup is used at the command line. Not within the Julia REPL. That message you saw about updating was printed outside of the REPL before the REPL started up.


Thanks for the response! You’re correct. I just tried your suggestion and got all of the expected output using juliaup from the command line. Thanks again!