JuliaRegistries: is it now possible to add packages here?

Is it possible to add packages to JuliaRegistries? How is that done?

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For now, JuliaRegistries is just automatically synced with METADATA, so whatever gets into METADATA will end up in JuliaRegistried/Uncurated.

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Its not clear to me how METADATA.jl and JuliaRegistries relate. Will one have to to pull requests to JuliaRegistries when doing a new release or does it suffice to make the release on the packe only?

I would like migrating my packages to 0.7 but it is still not clear how I can proceed. Especially as most packages that I require are failing.

As I said, right now they are automatically synced (https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/Uncurated/commits/master), and METADATA is still where you should submit releases.

The future is to make releases to the registry. But there are a few more steps left for that so right now just carry on as usual with metadata.

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And in the future? Will one have to make pull requests when doing a release? I try to understand Pkg3 but still do not get that point. When reading the documentation, it seems that the entire thing is pretty decentralized now (-> the package decides what it depends on) and JuliaRegistries is then just a location where the name of the package can be found?

Packages used to say what the depended om before as well with the REQUIRE file.

The registries are what make version resolution possible and also maps name to packages. The workflow for tagging registered packages will work similar to before for the uncurated registry.

I’m a bit confused how to migrate existing packages over. How do I get a UUID? How do I create the project files?

Currently, it looks like there is a bug in moving newly registered packages from METADATA to JuliaRegistries/Uncurated.jl.
The uuid in the Project.toml file is being ignored, and instead, a different one is placed into the entries in Uncurated.jl.

I think that it will really only take to hack the .toml files; I believe everything else of the package structure can stay the way it is. But: right now adding an unregistered package via a .git handle is broken on Windows 10 (system-level libuv is broken), so I can’t report how this worked out for me.

You do not need to do anything to support the new package manager. We will make PRs to add project files when the time comes.


If I am not mistaken, this is true only when your package is currently registered though? When it is unregistered it will have to be “brought into the fold” somehow?