Adding unregistered packages to JuliaRegistries/Uncurrated


I’d like to add the rest of the packages in the JuliaString org (besides ICU.jl, which is now the registered version since the previous one was not being maintained and is already in the new structure) to the Uncurrated repo, so that people can try using them with Pkg3.
I think it would also be a good test for making sure that unregistered packages work well with this new system.

What would I need to do to have them added?


@StefanKarpinski, can help you with that.


There will exist a similar method to register and update packages as the one currently in METADATA.


Supposedly, the JuliaRegistries/Uncurated is supposed to be uncurated, which means that people should be able to add packages without having to have make a PR and have it accepted by some privileged person or group of people (i.e. which would be curated).


I assume it would at least still have the rules that it should have CI and not do unnecessary Pkg operations. Truly unprivileged is just putting it on Github itself.


For now METADATA is still the source of truth and the Uncurated registry is synced from it. Until we detach Uncurated from METADATA the only way to register packages is still METADATA.